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Reggie Williams: Warriors Extend Qualifying Offer

With the 2011 NBA draft just days away, the Warriors extending a qualifying offer to sharpshooting G Reggie Williams, perhaps, is indicative of what's to come this Thursday. The Warriors announced through their website that Reggie Williams is officially a restricted free-agent and this means he could return to the Warriors next season if the Warriors end up matching whatever offer he receives from interested teams.

Does this automatically mean Reggie Williams will be a Warrior next season? And how might this affect the Warriors plans on draft day?

All signs (tentatively) point to "yes" that Williams will be a Warrior next season. With teams looking to cut costs and maximize profits, the new CBA agreements could include changes to player contracts -- how long they are, how much is guaranteed, and how much athletes can make annually. Gone may be the days of the ridiculous mid-level exceptions doled out to such players like underachieving journeymen Drew Gooden (5 years, $32 million). Many teams could use a shooter like Williams (Warriors included), but I just don't see teams eyeing him in this particular economy. Though, I'm guessing that Williams services could be had at a pretty low price given that anything would be an upgrade over his current contract. But you can bet the Warriors will try to match that.

Does this mean that Klay Thompson is no longer on the Warriors radar? Do the Warriors need two great shooters who have suspect defense? Here's what some fans over at SB Nation's Golden State Warrior blog had to say about the qualifying offer and its impact on the draft: 

Stay in the Bay, Mr. Potatohead!!!

One potential upside to Smart's absurd habit of forcing Reggie to ride pine while running Monta into the ground and giving meaning PT to Acie Law is that it may have kept him under the radar a bit. People who don't look at arcane things like rate numbers may have failed to notice that last year Reggie had his second straight fantastic season: great scoring efficiency at a decent volume, low turnover rate, solid passing and rebounding for his position. I'd guess that Klay Thompson's realistic upside is probably roughly what Reggie Williams already is. No idea what our QO was, but I'll be disappointed if we're not willing to go up to the $3M range for him.

Given the degree to which West and Riley and talking up Klay, I wonder if the real plan isn't to re-sign Reggie and use the #11 on a long, strong defensive menace like Biyombo, Singleton, or Tristan Thompson.

There will be no extra point!
by Sleepy Freud on Jun 21, 2011 4:35 PM PDT reply actions

i want reggie and singleton

by bigkino217 on Jun 21, 2011 5:30 PM PDT up reply actions

Klay Thompson may give the Warriors more height but Williams has proven that he can legitimately score in the NBA and create his own shot. With a new coach, Williams playing time may not be as herky jerky as it was under Keith Smart's regime and when he's given the green light to score, Williams has been able to deliver. Perhaps the Warriors will get that lockdown defender they've always wanted or at the very least a more two-way player to compliment the rest of the starters (and bench, Williams included).

Alec Burk or Chris Singleton?