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Stephen Curry Would "Welcome" Opportunity To Play For Charlotte Bobcats

Monta Ellis may be the subject of trade rumors, but he might not be the only person in our backcourt with a one way ticket out of town. Spending his summers in what he calls his "homebase" (North Carolina), Stephen Curry has been keeping himself busy during this offseason, getting involved in community events, hosting community events, making public appearances at local news stations, and of course, getting married. What's the cause for alarm? On regional North Carolina television, Curry hasn't been shy about his desires to play for the hometown team when asked by reporters. Further cause for worry? He hasn't explicitly voiced his love for the Bay Area, either.

Perhaps I'm just stirring the pot a bit and maybe I'm reading too much into this. But on two separate occasions in the last week, Curry says he would love the opportunity to play for the fans, friends and family that have supported him as he came up in high school and at Davidson:

Earlier in the week, Curry, when speaking with Carolina News 14 (non-embeddable), says similar things. Of course, Curry is the type of person to say all the right things to the media. His good looks, million dollar smile, and basketball pedigree easily made him a media darling since he became a Warrior. Simply put, Curry knows exactly what to say and when.

But besides saying how much he's loved the "culture" of the San Francisco Bay Area, Curry has little else to say about the living and working in the area when comparing it to possibly playing in Charlotte. Is playing for the Warriors just an extended "business trip" of sorts until his rookie contract runs out? As seen by all his extra-basketball activities this summer, will Curry commit himself to building community in the Bay Area like he has all his life in the extended Charlotte Area? 

Is the departure of Curry imminent? Or should we just take this with a grain of salt?