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NBA Draft 2011 Rumors: Sacramento Kings Examining Alec Burks

The Sacramento Kings haven't really showed their hand as to who they want to draft in next year's draft, and now they might be preparing their forces for the Battle of Illusions. According to ESPN's Chad Ford, the Kings have looked at Colorado shooting guard Alec Burks, and he is in the mix with three other prominent players to be Sacramento's first round draft pick.

This smells like smokescreen though. Unless the Kings are really willing to deal Marcus Thornton, why would you draft for a young shooting guard when you have more pressing needs at point guard and small forward? Jimmer Fredette and Kemba Walker are good ball-handlers, and Kawhi Leonard is a strong wing defender and rebounder. Burks brings them... a nice twelfth man who gets off the bench when Thornton or Evans gets hurt. Burks is definitely a good player, but it's hard to picture him being a good fit for these Kings, who are shored up pretty nice at the two-guard spot. Point guards or power forwards seem more likely.

Kings fans, would you take Burks with the first round pick? if not, who would you take and why? Give us your answer and rationale in the comments.

(HT Sactown Royalty for this news.)