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NBA Draft 2011 Rumors: Sacramento Kings Favoring Kawhi Leonard Over Jimmer Fredette, Kemba Walker

The Sacramento Kings have had two prominent tournament names in their view for over a month now: Connecticut Huskies junior guard Kemba Walker and BYU Cougars sensation Jimmer Fredette. Recently, a third name has popped up, and apparently could be the pick that the Kings want. Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated has this report in his latest mock draft.

I don't see the Kings taking Fredette if San Diego State's Kawhi Leonard is available, but he could be taken over Connecticut's Kemba Walker. The Maloof brothers that own the Kings are very high on Fredette (especially Gavin), and there is much chatter about the business benefits of that come with adding the one-man brand to a roster that is lacking starpower. But there are standard concerns about his defensive abilities as well, and it remains to be seen which viewpoint wins out when decision time comes.

Leonard is clearly not the offensive weapon that Fredette and Walker can be for the Kings, but with already two talented offensive players in Marcus Thornton and Tyreke Eveans, their contributions might not come as handy as a capable wing defender. Leonard provides that solid presence, and even though his jumper might have a way to go.

Like most things with the NBA Draft, you need smoke screens and mirrors to figure out exactly what this information might mean for the pick. Just keep those three names in mind when the pick turns up on Thursday night.

Kings fans, if you had the choice between Kawhi, Jimmer, or Kemba, who would you pick and why? Let us know in the comments!

(HT Sactown Royalty)