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Monta Ellis Trade Rumor: Sources Confirm Monta for Andre Iguodala Deal On The Table

According to the Golden State Warriors’ and Philadelphia 76ers’ rumored deal to swap Monta Ellis for Andre Iguodala has been confirmed by sources close to the situation.

There is no deal imminent, but the proposed trade is “on the 76ers table if they want it.” The deal would make sense for the Warriors who are looking for improvement on defense and ball movement, two things Iguodala does very well, not to mention they guy can definitely score in this league. Ellis could jump into a 76ers team with up and comer Jru Holiday and have a similar situation that he has already with Steph Curry, but the Sixers need a legitimate scoring threat, and Ellis certainly is that and some.

Despite the fact that the W’s braintrust has stated they are not shopping Ellis and would love to keep him, the fact that these rumors keep popping up is quite the contradiction. And the longer this all goes on, I’d say the chances Monta is a Warrior next year becomes less and less of a possibility.

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