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Monta Ellis Trade Rumor: Timberwolves #2 Pick For Ellis and Warriors #11?

In this rumor-filled offseason, the Warriors hope to continue to rebuild their team in what looks to be the basketball equivalent of ABC’s Extreme Makeover. Recent trade rumors link star player Monta Ellis to just about every team in the league and a possible suitor for his talents could be the Minnesota Timberwolves, allegedly interested in trading their #2 pick for some young veteran presence.

Sporting News’ Sean Deveney weighs on some of the teams rumored to be engaged in trade talks with the Timberwolves and makes some suggestions on what could possibly work. For the Warriors, Deveney believes a package of the Timberwolves #2 and Martell Webster for Warriors #11 and Monta Ellis:

WARRIORS: Golden State has been connected to just about every team in the league in trade talks this offseason, but oddly enough, not with the Timberwolves. Still, if the Warriors want a taker for star guard Monta Ellis and the Wolves want a premier perimeter scorer, a deal makes sense. Ellis wouldn’t fit Kurt Rambis’ triangle offense at all, but that would just give the team added incentive to replace Rambis as coach. If the Timberwolves would part with Martell Webster — whose 3-point shooting would be a good fit in Golden State, and who can play the kind of perimeter defense the team is looking for — plus salary fodder and the No. 2 pick for Ellis and the No. 11 pick, and there could be the germ of a deal there.

This trade seems rather logical for the Warriors since getting the number #2, who most likely, though not definitely, would mean landing Arizona’s PF Derrick Williams with the sweet outside stroke. The Warriors could definitely use more consistent shooting threats. Monta Ellis may be a great scorer, but he has enough deficiencies in his game and size that diminish his value in the market for teams looking for more scoring. Also, getting Derrick Williams would just be more symbolic than anything fot the Warriors franchise as Lacob aims to start his regime with his own players and staff (as we’ve already seen). With any long term relationship, break ups, even if they were destined for failure, are still tough. Securing the #2 pick isn’t chump change though.

For the Timberwolves, this could make some sense as it gives the PG of the future Ricky Rubio someone to run with. If Rubio really is the point guard, dishing out 10+ assists a game as predicted by scouts, analysts, and GMs, Ellis looks to be in a good position to score, score, and score. This team won’t be playing much defense, but Ellis will be gigantic upgrade over all 1st round busts of recent memory (Wayne Ellington and Johnny Flynn to name a few).

If you’re the Warriors, would you accept a Monta Ellis for T-Wolves #2?