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2011 NBA Draft: Chris Singleton Can Bring Toughness To Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors don’t scare anyone. Even though the team improved by ten games under recently fired coach Keith Smart, rookies and other no-name players on opposing teams continuously had their coming out party against the Warriors horrendous defense (ranked 27th in the league last season). While the Miami Heat and their big three seemed to thrive off being the most hated team in the league, steamrolling over teams late in the season with their intimidating swag, the Warriors and their staff were more intent on having a lovable locker room. This touchy-feely vibe clearly translated onto the court when Warriors seemed more intent on giving each other high-fives than addressing defensive problems.

NBA Draft hopeful Chris Singleton sounds like the guy that can help revamp this softy image that has been attached to the Warriors for too long. Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle quotes Singleton as believing he’s the right man for the Warriors current shortcomings:

“I’m from Atlanta, so I’m not scared of anybody. I’m going to bring that toughness to whatever team drafts me. . . .I pride myself on 1-on-1 defense. I hate to lose. I want to win every matchup.”

Along with Texas' Jordan Hamilton, Singleton worked out for the Warriors recently. The Warriors have been missing this confidence for quite a while. Now that the locker room dynamics have finally improved, perhaps the Warriors can work on getting that swag back, which disappeared when Baron Davis left. Singleton also considers himself to have the versatility of a Scottie Pippen. Thank goodness Singleton is referring to Pippen’s achievements as a player and not Pippen’s sports commentary as of late.