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ESPN Best: Stephen Curry's Jumpshot

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There are a lot of things that make Stephen Curry "beautiful." Warrior fans clearly love his boyish charms and his good looks. It's been a while since Warrior fans had anyone to swoon over (Mike Dunleavy Jr. was hardly who we expected him to be as a scorer, leader, and marketable sex symbol). But we also love Curry's game and one of the beautifullest things about Stephen Curry is his jump shot. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than what about a video of Stephen Curry shooting jumpers? 


As legend has it, Stephen Curry takes after his pops Dell Curry, a tremendous 3-point shooter in his own time, when it comes to long distance shots. Not since the days of Chris Mullin and Mitch Richmond have the Warriors had a shooter come even close to hitting a decent clip from beyond the arc and Curry's marksmanship is exactly what this team had been missing for more than a decade. 

Curry's shooting is so textbook that ESPN recognized Stephen Curry's jumpshot as part of their "Best" series. Directed by Carlos Serrao/Departmento, this video gives all you kiddies the chops on how to be the shooter like Curry. Copy this and become a playground legend.

Check the pics and full length video for yourself. Do you agree with ESPN that Curry's jumper is the "best?" Who else are likely candidates? And are we basing "best" off shooting percentage or form or both?





Carlos Serrao/Departamento: ESPN - Stephen Curry from Beauty & Photo on Vimeo.