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Stephen Curry Can't Wear Blue, Because He Reps Red. Gang Affiliation?

In a goofy Q/A session with Mike Solaris of News 14 Carolina, "North Carolina's Only State-Wide News Channel," Stephen Curry responds to Solaris' question of whether he would wear a powder blue or an orange tuxedo to his wedding (if he couldn't wear a black one) by saying: "Powder blue I gotta stay away from, I'm a red guy myself." Is Stephen Curry alluding to some gang affiliation? Is he a blood, not a crip? Should fans be nervous of Curry's cryptic (and possibly symbolic) comments about the color of his wardrobe? 


Well, it's definitely not that serious and parents don't need to worry that they or their kids root for a gang member. Curry is probably referencing Davidson's colors and powder blue is the color of University of North Carolina, the arch nemesis of his younger brother's team, Duke University. Click the hyperlink for more on Curry, his wardrobe, and his alternate future as a professional golfer.