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Monta Ellis Trade Rumor: Dwight Howard For Ellis, Biedrins, And Udoh

If the new Warriors regime hasn’t been exciting enough already, Jonathan Givony of reports that the Warriors have offered Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins and Ekpe Udoh for Dwight Howard. Givony adds that it is “unlikely that’ll get it done,” which I interpret as the Warriors package is pretty worthless. If the Magic are in rebuilding mode, being strapped with two long-term deals in Ellis and Biedrins, a combo that has not won many games together, is hardly the way to go. And Udoh clearly has not and probably will never project as the next in line of great Orlando Magic centers.

But, Magic GM Otis Smith has a weird love for Warrior players, collecting and turning such players as Adonal Foyle, Matt Barnes, and Mickael Pietrus into important reserves. Jason Richardson and Gilbert Arenas are the two newest former Warriors to don the pin stripes, but they haven’t exactly been as heralded as the others. With that said, Ellis, Biedrins, and Udoh probably won’t get the deal done. But Smith seems like the guy to be open to a trade with the team he used to work for (a former Warriors front office executive). He clearly has a soft spot for the Warriors....or at least the players. If the Warriors are willing to package some first rounders with Ellis (sans Biedrins) and Udoh, I could see Smith biting if he thinks its time to rebuild. 

What package do you think would likely “get it done?” Do the Warriors realistically have any pieces that Orlando, realistically, would want?