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2011 NBA Draft: Klay Thompson, Alec Burks Go Head-to-Head in Sacramento Kings Workout

The Sacramento Kings worked out a group of six players at their practice facility today.  Washington State's Klay Thompson and Colorado's Alec Burks were the main attractions of the Saturday afternoon draft showcase in front of Kings brass.  According to the two players, Saturday's session was the third meeting between them during these rounds of pre-draft workouts.

"He got the better of me in the team games," Thompson said of Burks. "But one-on-one, I felt like I held my own.

"We've gone against each other so much that we're pretty familiar with each other," the WSU guard said. "But we still enjoy it."

Burks, however, felt otherwise.

"He probably going to say him, but I'm going to say me," the Colorado guard said with a grin.

Unless they receive any last minute calls, both guards have less than a handful of workouts scheduled before the draft.  Thompson said he has a trip planned for Utah, while Burks has appointments with Phoenix and the Jazz before Thursday.

Alec Burks

Klay Thompson