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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Chad Ford Has Sacramento Kings Taking Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard of the San Diego St. Aztecs has floated all around the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft Boards, and Chad Ford's latest has Leonard going to Sac-town with the seventh pick. Leonard will actually be in Sacramento on Friday working out (although he might be the only one there, so take that for what you will), tweeted Devin Blankenship, Kings Media Relations Manager.

Leonard actually wouldn't be that bad a fit for a Kings team that could use a bit of a defensive springboard. As solid a rotation player as Omri Casspi might be, he's not really qualified to earn starter minutes. Leonard could become a lockdown wing defender in the mold of Doug Christie to match up against all the talented wing players in the NBA, and complement the offensively-minded Tyreke Evans and developing big man monster in DeMarcus Cousins nicely with his defensive wingspan.

Small forward is probably one of the biggest need for the Kings. It would make sense for Geoff Petrie to work out Leonard and see if he fits. He does have the hands of E.T., so maybe that'll convince them.

Do you think the Kings should draft Leonard with their pick? If not, who? Let us know in the comments!

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