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NBA Draft 2011 Workouts: Sacramento Kings Trying Out Klay Thompson, Alec Burks

Geoff Petrie is an unconventional general manager. If he believes he doesn't have the ability to snag a premier talent with his pick, he will reach for someone he believes will succeed. Sometimes it's worked (Jason Thompson), sometimes it hasn't (Quincy Douby). But Petrie has shown he will take risks for better or for worse.

Klay Thompson of the Washington St. Cougars and Alec Burks of the Colorado Buffaloes would be two such reaches, and Andrew Nicholson of Full Court Press reports the Kings will be working them both out. Thompson and Burks are both likely to be contributors at the next level, but they're both shooting guards, and Tyreke Evans and Marcus Thornton are currently in their way at that position. Burks and Thompson don't really have the typical size to contribute as small forwards, so unless Petrie is thinking of trading one of his current two starters, neither of these two guys would make much sense for this current Kings team.

Both are also supposed to go much lower than seventh (in the mid-range/lower areas of the draft). Could Petrie be interested in trading down?

Should the Kings draft Klay Thompson or Alec Burks? If not, who do you think the Kings should take with their first round pick? Let us know in the comments!

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