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Warriors Promote Travis Schlenk To Assistant GM

The Warriors look like they will be handling the general manager duties by committee. In the latest of upper management maneuvering, the Warriors have promoted former Warriors assistant coach (under the Mike Montgomery tenure) Travis Schlenk, whose duties begin July 1st, to the title of Assistant General Manager/director of player personnel. Schlenk joins Larry Riley and Bob Myers as the three-headed general manger, each specializing in one aspect of the job.

As Matt Steinmetz reports, Schlenk already exists on the Warriors payroll as a scout, instrumental to "finding" d-league talent such as Anthony Tolliver, Kelenna Azubuike, and Reggie Williams. Dorell Wright is also another "baller on a budget" that Schlenk brought over to the Warriors. 

Aside from his time with Montgomery, Schlenk has been around some of the NBA's best, such as Chuck Daly and Pat Riley. Jerry West gave his vote of approval of Schlenk's possibly career trajectory. Even John Hollinger approves. With the recent changes to the front office and more, Lacob seems intent on making 2011-2012 season a statement year.