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2011 NBA Draft: Bloggers Predict Bismack Biyombo, Chris Singleton

The Warriors need size. Badly. In all NBA Mock Drafts, the draft analysts have linked Warriors to no one under 6’5. Even in Monta Ellis trade rumors, its a unanimous decision among bloggers, analysts, and fans that the Warriors will NOT take the best player available but the player that fills a need.

While many recently have pegged Klay Thompson to be the Warriors choice given his size, shooting touch, and rumored status as Jerry West’s man-crush for this current draft, Warriors bloggers seem to think that the newest addition to the team will be someone that fits a defensive need: Bismack Biyombo or Chris Singleton. Tim Roye asks several Warriors bloggers, Golden State of Mind’s Rich Twu included, who they thought the Warriors would most likely choose. The individual Q/A sessions are with notable guests such as’s Ethan Sherwood, Twu, Bay Area Sports Guy Steve Berman, GSW Fast Break Adam Lauridsen, and Fear the Beard’s Daniel Turman. Click on to see why they think Biyombo and Singleton are the best bets.

Singleton seems like a player who can have an immediate impact on the defensive end given his 4-year tenure at Florida State University. Known to have questionable upside given his limited experience and scouting of him, Biyombo could be the defensive player of the future that the Warriors need. But, Biyombo could also end up being the second coming of Andris Biedrins as far a development goes. The Warriors are not known to develop big men and Biyombo’s game may not reach its potential with the Warriors (see Andris Biedrins).

The Warriors hardly gamble when it comes to draft day and Biyombo and Singleton are “safe” picks. What are your thoughts about these two players? The Warriors need defensive and which of the two fits better?