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Brian Cardinal Is An NBA Champion

Don't you forget that. The man who raised you, the man who turned you into a man, is an NBA champion. Dads all over the world can only begin to describe what it means for Brian Cardinal, the Dad to end all Dads*, to have that hardware. It's like marriage of a sort, only the totally exact opposite.

Why does SB Nation Bay Area care so much about Cardinal's championship? Well, his best season came as a member of the Golden State Warriors.

Brian Cardinal exploded onto the scene in Oakland in  2003-04 at the age of 27. Brian Cardinal got posterized by Robert Horry. Brian Cardinal scored 32 points in a game--the opponent is irrelevant, but Brian Cardinal scoring 32 points is manna from heaven. Brian Cardinal was the Most Improved Player. Brian Cardinal made Eric Musselman look like a half-decent NBA coach (Musselman is now off coaching the Venezuelan national team and probably chilling in Playa Medina with a Ponche Crema, having the last laugh on all of us).

Most importantly, Brian Cardinal took charges and made some threes, and that was pretty much all he did in the NBA Finals. Took some hard fouls on LeBron James and Chris Bosh and hip-checking Dwyane Wade out of rhythm for the rest of the series. At one point he drove baseline to the rim and three Heat defenders collapsed on him, and got Dirk Nowitzki a wide-open three. Somehow, worlds didn't start spinning off their axes.

The Custodian cleaned up, and now he's going home with a Larry O'Brien Trophy and you're not. And all is fair.

*Brian Cardinal is not your father.