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Monta Ellis Will Not Be Traded, Says Golden State Warriors GM Larry Riley

Well, it's been a fun week of circulating trade rumors for Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis, but it looks like it's all coming to an end. Head coach Mark Jackson has seemed to place his support solidly behind Ellis, stating that he's the third best shooting guard in the NBA. It's a strong statement, but a statement that indicates that he's going to be a Warriors starter when the next season begins.

And then Golden State general manager Larry Riley offered even stronger remarks indicating Ellis would be back in the Bay Area next season. Zach Lowe at Sports Illustrated revealed those thoughts in his conversation with Riley.

"We are not shopping Monta Ellis. It is business as usual here. I think you have to look at what just happened in the Finals — it seemed like Dallas played pretty small guards throughout that series with Miami and did a pretty good job of it. Our problem is not the small backcourt. Our problem is defense."

Well, Golden State hitched their wagons to Stephen Curry, so it looks like Curry and Ellis will be the Warriors backcourt for the near future. And although neither of them are defensive stoppers, it seems Golden State believes the problems lie elsewhere. Will the Warriors get bigger to be better?

Do you think Monta Ellis will be traded? Who will he be starting for the next time Golden State plays basketball? Let us know in the comments.