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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Bismack Biyombo To Golden State Warriors

Perhaps the most attractive name in the entire 2011 NBA Draft, Congo big man Bismack Biyomobo is all over the place on draft boards. Biyombo oozes with potential, and could be a huge steal for whoever takes him off the board. The relative lack of knowledge about him is the only thing holding him back from going high.

The Golden State Warriors need a center. Andris Biedrins gave them close to nothing last season, and the Warriors were punished heavily on the boards. Biyomobo could give them a huge rebounding presence they've lacked for decades.

SB Nation's latest NBA mock draft by Tom Ziller has the Warriors taking Biyombo with the eleventh pick. With an emphasis on defense, Jerry West, Larry Riley, and Mark Jackson will try their best to pick out a big man who can defend and give Golden State presence inside. If Biyombo pans out, he could be the first step toward viability for a Warrior team that has gone a few decades without a quality big man.

Where do you think Bismack will go in the NBA Draft? What will the Warriors do with their eleventh pick?

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