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NBA Mock Draft 2011: Brandon Knight To Sacramento Kings

Brandon Knight of the Kentucky Wildcats seems to be the next in line of John Calipari's great resume of point guard producers (John Wall, Tyreke Evans, Derrick Rose). He has however been conspicuously absent from workouts. Knight has also declined to go one-on-one against Kemba Walker and Isaiah Thomas, presumably to avoid damaging his draft stock. It could be a smart move (no one is denying Knight's talent, and he's a top-five pick to be sure), but dictating his own terms could cost him (the Utah Jazz are not happy with his refusal to work out in Utah), reports Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk.

Tom Ziller of SB Nation has Knight dropping all the way to seventh in his latest mock draft. This seems like wishful thinking (Ziller is a Kings fan, as am I), but it would be a coup of major sorts if Knight fell this far. He's had some bad games in college shooting-wise, but Knight looks like he could be quite a player if given the chance. He's not likely to be an All-Star point guard, but it's proven ad infinitum you don't need an All-Star point guard to compete in this league. Solid and dependable is good enough.

Of course, if Knight does end up in Sac-town, this could increase the likelihood of the Maloofs courting Calipari (three former players, all stars, on one team?), which is something I'm NOT okay with.

Who do you have taking Brandon Knight in the NBA Draft? Who do you think the Kings will take? Let us know in the comments!