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Monta Ellis NBA Trade Rumors: Atlanta Hawks Not Likely Partner With Golden State Warriors

Interest in Golden State Warriors shooting guard Monta Ellis has came from multiple organizations. We've reported on the possible offers from the Bulls, the Blazers, the Sixers, the Lakers. Now we take a look at the interest the Atlanta Hawks might have in the Bay Area's top guard, according to Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Hawks are an interesting group, and they did give the Orlando Magic and Chicago Bulls plenty of tests before bowing out. But again, sharing a backcourt with Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford seems like a disastrous idea in the making, considering all three want the ball in their hands to create their shots. Sharing the rock does not seem like a valid idea.

It's also hard to see who the Hawks could deal to get Ellis. Josh Smith seems like a logical choice, but there are issues in taking him on. Despite all the blocks and steals, it's hard to see the Warriors drastically improving defensively with just Smith's services. Jeff Teague seems like another possibility to give Stephen Curry some assistance, but Ellis as a point guard seems like a disaster in the making. We'll see if Atlanta has anyone satisfactory to trade.

If the Warriors traded Monta Ellis, who should the Hawks trade to get him? Let us know in the comments!

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