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2011 NBA Draft: Isaiah Thomas, Washington Huskies Scouting Profile

The departure of Isaiah Thomas to the NBA is a bit of a shocking one. Although there's no doubt Thomas flashes potential at pro skills, it's not likely he's going to be an immediate contributor on pro rosters, and he might not even be drafted. Staying for his senior season might have been a better option for him, as he would've had a good chance to lead the Washington Huskies to a Pac-12 title and NCAA tournament bid. Now all of that is up in the air.

The biggest question with Thomas is his size. Yes, his speed and shot have proved to be quite valuable at the Pac-10 level, but at 5'8, 185 pounds he screams project player. Thomas made efficient leaps from his sophomore to junior season to be a dominant force in the conference, but he doesn't feel like he'll be quite ready to handle NBA speeds at this point, and will probably always have to deal with being a defensive liability. He is very good at distributing the ball and finishing at the rim, but moving from the size-challenged Pac-10 to the trunks of the NBA will be quite a leap.

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