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2011 NBA Draft: Klay Thompson, Washington State Cougars Guard Profile

Klay Thompson of the Washington St. Cougars, as expected, will be turning pro. This is a tough loss for a squad that relied on Thompson for the majority of their scoring last season. The Cougars will have a lot of recovering to do in terms of finding other options to carry the load next season.

As for the pros? Thompson is definitely the type of guy who can put the ball in the basket from numerous places on the court. But he's also very good at distributing the ball and finding other teammates, blocking shots, and making plays with numerous possessions. His role will probably be diminished at the next level, but could he definitely be a guy who can lead a second unit? I'd say so, as long as he's asked not to do too much defensively. But as a guy who knows how to score on any part of the floor, he could be a valuable asset on a team needing bench depth.

Thompson is projected as a mid-first round draft pick on most mock boards. For more on Thompson, head over to CougCenter.