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Mark Cuban 'Believes' in Mavs' 2011 Playoff Run

The Dallas Mavericks eliminated the Los Angeles Lakers from the 2011 NBA Playoffs Sunday, with a 122-86 win in game four of the Western Conference Semifinals. The four-game series sweep catapults the Mavs to their first Western Conference Finals since 2006 against the Phoenix Suns.

Following the game, a few reporters were able to catch-up with Mavs owner Mark Cuban and asked how he would describe this current Mavs 2011 playoff run.

From Tim McMahon of ESPN Dallas:

We twisted his arm until he gave us something for the record about the amazing playoff run that's picking up steam entering the Western Conference finals.

He offered only two words: "We believe."

Sound familiar?

It was four years ago when that same slogan energized the Golden State Warriors to one of the greatest upsets in NBA history over Cuban's Mavericks. Ironic that the Mavs owner is now using the same line to describe his current team's hopes at winning an NBA championship this year.