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2011 NBA Draft: SB Nation has Marcus Morris to Warriors, Bismack Biyombo to Kings in Latest Mock Draft

SB Nation’s Tom Ziller has released his latest NBA mock draft, and has made some solid choices for the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings. Both teams have a number of directions they could take with their picks this year and have lots of room for improvement, and Ziller’s choices for both squads would have immediate impacts on both franchises in my opinion.

For the Warriors Ziller chose Kansas forward Marcus Morris. His brother Markieff is also amongst the top players in the draft, but Marcus brings more of an offensive presence with his mid range jumper and array of post moves in the paint. Marcus and Markieff have similar games, but Marcus may be just a bit more polished and NBA ready that his brother, but not by much. I think he could bring some solid bench depth and another scoring option for the W’s down low and in the mid range as well.

As for the Kings Ziller has chosen center Bismack Biyombo out of the Congo as their pick. Biyombo is a defensive specialist and shot blocker extraordinaire whose immense wing span allows him to swat shots with ease while being able to make tip ins and put backs with his lanky arms in the paint. He is still a bit raw on the offensive front, but would definitely beef up the Kings D around the rim and has lots of room for improvement with his offensive game.

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