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Comedian Kevin Hart Raps With Golden State Warriors

The Warriors swag is on ten lately even if they didn't win that many games last season.  "Chocolate Droppa," Kevin Hart's rapping alter ego, partnered up with Monta Ellis, Reggie Williams, Charlie Bell, and Dan Gadzuric to show that he's down with GS. As Chocolate Droppa, Hart seems to playfully mock the "baller" lifestyles of rappers by claiming that he flies out NBA basketball players to wherever he is to satisfy his fix for American hoops. Sounds a lot like the Dave Chapelle "Crib" parody, doesn't it?

Chocolate Droppa's freestyles are truly ridiculous and Droppa's frustration over the camera man's quips and questioning over the nonsense of Droppa's lines are worth catching. Also, its a bit hilarious to see NBA players like Monta, Williams, Bell, and Gadzuric to be so camera shy. This clip will definitely get you through the doldrums of the Warriors off-season before the draft.


Droppa: You ain't no Warrior if you ain't no G.S.

Camera man: Wait... wait..G.S.?

Droppa: I...I.... didn't... think this ... thru..

Camera man: (whispering) Get Straight.. Get Straight!

Droppa: You ain't no Warrior if ain't Get Straight!... Or.. uh.. Goin South?

Camera man: Going South?