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Jerry West Discusses Role As Advisor To Golden State Warriors In KNBR Interview

Earlier this week, the Golden State Warriors announced that Lakers legend Jerry West would be joining the organization as a member of their executive board. West will serve in an advisory role to the Warriors owners, GM Larry Riley, and assistant GM Bob Myers. There has been some question about specifics as to his role and West went into a little more detail during an interview with The Razor and Mr. T on KNBR.

West indicated that he would be an advisor that wouldn't be afraid to give his opinion. He was asked about his role in terms of big decisions, including the current search for a head coach:

When it comes to big decisions, how will they be made given the number of executives involved now?:

"I'm not going to be the ultimate decision-maker. That's something I didn't want to do. ... I said, ‘I have to know honestly, if you feel like I'm going to come here and step on your toes, I'm not coming.' ... There's no basketball experts. Sometimes people have the better educated guess. And, based on my experience, if they ask me a question, I'm going to give them my opinion."

Has he given his input on who should be the new coach?:

"They'll ask me about [candidates]. ... One of the things we are seeing are some young, successful coaches. I think a lot of coaches who have been around a while may not be the perfect fit for this team. I look at Erik Spoelstra down in Miami and I look at Monty Williams down in New Orleans. I thought both of those guys did an unbelievable job and Spoelstra in particular because there was the ultimate pressure on him. ... There's going to be new coaches coming on the scene that I think are really important to consider."

He makes an interesting point when he says there are no basketball experts but that sometimes people have better educated guesses. It's fairly obvious that his experience provides him with as much knowledge as anybody currently working in the NBA. Even if he is only offering opinions, his carries significant weight considering he is the guy on the NBA's logo. If the Warriors blow off what he has to say, they only have themselves to blame.