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2011 NBA Draft: SB Nation's Tom Ziller Projects Brandon Knight to the Kings in Latest Mock Draft

The Kings have decided to stay in Sacramento, now they are looking to please their fans with some fresh talent out of the NBA draft.

SB Nation’s Tom Ziller recently released his latest NBA mock draft, and has the Kings choosing Brandon Knight out of Kentucky with the seventh overall pick. Here’s what he had to say about it:

The Kings have bigger holes than at guard; Biyombo, the athletic big man, and Kawhi Leonard, a tough small forward, are better need fits. But Sacramento struggles to create sentient offense, and a guard rotation of Knight, Tyreke Evans, Marcus Thornton and, for now, Beno Udrih would be promising. Udrih is older than all the rest and on a shorter contract (assuming the Kings re-sign Thornton this summer, as seems a priority), paving the way for a future with Knight.

I agree with Ziller’s assessment here, especially seeing that players like Biyombo and Leonard quite possibly could be off the board already when the Kings get called seventh. Knight would have the Kentucky connection with DMC, and alongside Tyreke could be a devastating 1-2 punch of quick scores and fleet feet.

The Kings will likely resign Thornton and will have a nice starting rotation for 2011/12. With the addition of Knight they could be even more dangerous, which is why I think the Kings should get him. The fan base is already incredibly excited for next season, might as well give them something to really cheer about.