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2011 NBA Draft: SB Nation's Tom Ziller Projects Tristan Thompson to Warriors in Latest Mock Draft

Like sand through the hour glass so goes the countdown to the NBA Draft.

SB Nation’s Tom Ziller recently released his latest version of the 2011 NBA mock draft and brings up a very good point about how the Warriors might be attacking this year’s draft class:

11. Golden State Warriors: Tristan Thompson, PF, Texas

Moving down or out of a draft is easier said than done, if you want good value, especially in a draft this reviled by front office types. As such, the many rumors you will hear about Golden State disliking their position and wanting to move out? Ignore them. It’ll be near-impossible unless it’s part of a much bigger deal or another team falls in love with a prospect in this range (which seems unlikely).

Key phrases in Ziller’s assessment: a draft ‘reviled’ by many front offices, looking for a ‘much bigger deal’ that could possibly be out there. The Warriors are making moves already with Jerry West and a new head coach on the horizon, maybe they’ll swing for a big time trade? Highly unlikely, but so is finding a star player in this year’s draft.

Thompson has gone to the Warriors in many mock drafts I’ve seen so far and would be a pretty good fit in the Bay. But I don’t know how much of a game changer he is, except for maybe as a bargaining chip at a later date. The Warriors desperately need game changing players on the floor, the question will be how will they get them? Thompson is a relatively safe lottery choice in my opinion, but a solid choice as well, especially in this year’s draft class.