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Golden State Warriors Head Coach Update: Hornets Assistant Michael Malone Added to W's List

As the search for the Golden State Warriors new head coach continues, the list of possible candidates continues to grow. CBS Sports’ Ken Berger reports that New Orleans Hornets assistant Michael Malone has been added to the list of possible head coaches for the W’s, and upon further inspection, may be a great fit in Oakland.

Malone, son of long time NBA coach Brendan Malone, is rooted in the Jeff Van Gundy tree and is very much a defensive guru a la Tom Thibodeau, who also learned under Van Gundy. He’s coached a team to the playoffs seven times, five of them under Mike Brown with the Cleveland Cavaliers as their lead defensive and offensive coach. His tenure in Cleveland saw a playoff berth every season he was there, and never had a opposing PPG for a season worse than 10th in the NBA (first in 2008-09 at 91.4 PPG).

Being somewhat of an under the radar assistant, Malone could make the Warriors braintrust look extremely savvy if he is hired because Malone undoubtedly knows his stuff, especially on defense. The W’s wouldn’t have to break the bank to bring in a big name when they could get a guy with a tremendous amount of talent and experience who’s ready for a head coaching position.

The Warriors are looking to make a splash with their next head coach, and didn’t exactly succeed with the promoted-assistant route with Smart. but Malone is the type of guy that brings stability and leadership to a group of players in need of a clear direction, something that Smart did not do.

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