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2011 NBA Mock Draft: SB Nation Has Warriors Taking Morehead State's PF/C Kenneth Fareid

The mock draft circuit for the 2011 NBA Draft has started to gain some serious steam, and the next stop is here at SB Nation with out resident NBA analyst Tom Ziller. At this point Ziller has the Golden State Warriors selecting rebounding machine and defensive juggernaut Kenneth Faried out of Morehead State, a fitting pick for a team looking for serious athleticism and interior defense/rebounding.

At approximately 6’8", 225 pounds, Faried is an absolute beast in the paint when it comes to cleaning the glass and getting dirty doing the little things a team needs to win. He is incredibly fluid and athletic, and couple that with his tenacious energy and defensive abilities, he seemingly is just what the doctor order for the W’s next season. He is similar to Ekpe Udoh is many regards, but another Ekpe on the squad would be a lot better than another Biedrins if you know what I mean.

Faried averaged 17.3 points a game along with 14.5 boards and 2.3 blocks a game in his 2010-11 season at Morehead State. If he can produce anywhere in that range for the Warriors in 2011-12, it would give them another legitimate option on the floor along with David Lee, Steph Curry, and Monta Ellis, or a big time sixth man a la Lamar Odom coming off the bench. Mix in Dorell Wright and possibly Al Thornton, the Warriors would have a number of different lineup looks that they could throw at teams instead of just a run-and-gun style all the time.

Faried does lack many facets in his offensive game though with little touch around the rim besides put backs and layups, not much of a mid-range game to speak of, and a below 60% free throw shooter in his career. But you can teach a player how to shoot much easier than to teach them how to work, and Kenneth is as strong-willed as they come.

He may not turn into a perennial all-star but Faried would most definitely make the Warriors a more legitimate playoff contender in 2011-12.

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