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2011 NBA Draft History: Warriors Have Some History at Eleventh Spot, Not Too Much Success

The Golden State Warriors have drawn themselves the eleventh overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, but now must decide what to do with it. This will be the fifth time the W’s have drawn the eleventh pick, the most of any NBA team since 1990. What draws them to the eleventh spot like a moth to a flame? Probably luck. But it’s fun to look back and see how players picked in that spot have flowered in the NBA.

1990 was the first year the lottery was extended to 11 picks, so let’s take a look at all of the 11th picks in NBA Lottery history (Warriors Picks Highlighted):

2010: Cole Aldridge, Kansas- Memphis Grizzlies
2009: Terrence Williams, Louisville, New Jersey Nets
2008: Jerryd Bayliss, Arizona- Indiana Pacers
2007: Acie Law, Texas A&M- Atlanta Hawks (from Indiana)
2006: J.J. Redick, Duke- Orlando Magic
2005: Fran Vazquez, Spain- Orlando Magic
2004: Andris Biedrins, Latvia- Golden State Warriors
2003: Mickael Pietrus, France- Golden State Warriors
2002: Jared Jeffries, Indiana- Washington Wizards
2001: Kedrick Brown, Okaloosa-Walton CC- Boston Celtics (from Denver)
2000: Jerome Moiso, UCLA – Boston Celtics
1999: Trajan Langdon, Duke- Cleveland Cavaliers
1998: Bonzi Wells, Ball State- Detroit Pistons
1997: Tariq Abdul-Wahad, San Jose State- Sacramento Kings
1996: Todd Fuller, NC State- Golden State Warriors
1995: Gary Trent, Ohio University- Milwaukee Bucks
1994: Carlos Rodgers, Tennessee State- Seattle Supersonics
1993: Allan Houston, Tennessee- Detroit Pistons
1992: Robert Horry, Alabama- Houston Rockets
1991: Terrell Brandon, Oregon- Cleveland Cavaliers
1990: Tyrone Hill, Xavier – Golden State Warriors

At first glance, one name sticks out to me much more than the others; seven time NBA champion Robert Horry. He’s definitely the most decorated player on this list, but there is a good amount of talent coming from the eleven spot. Allan Houston is a two time all-star, J.J. Reddick and Acie Law are pretty decent role players. There are solid guys on this list.

As for Warriors picks, Mickael Pietrus has become a solid addition to any NBA team, while Warriors fans are all too familiar with the decline of Andris Biedrins. Todd Fuller wasn’t exactly a superstar but Tyrone Hill at least was an all-star in 1995. Could be worse, you know?

Will the fifth time be the charm for the Warriors and the eleventh pick? I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

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