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2011 NBA Draft History: Sacramento Kings First Seventh Pick Since Jason Williams

They say seven is a lucky number, and it seems to turn out pretty nicely for whoever gets taken in the NBA Draft with this number. If there were any number after one or two the Sacramento Kings could have ended up with in this draft, seven isn't too bad a spot.

Let's take a look at the past two decades of seventh round picks.

2010: Greg Monroe, Detroit Pistons
2009: Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
2008: Eric Gordon, Los Angeles Clippers
2007: Corey Brewer, Minnesota Timberwolves
2006: Randy Foye, Boston Celtics
2005: Charlie Villanueva, Toronto Raptors
2004: Luol Deng, Phoenix Suns (traded to Chicago Bulls)
2003: Kirk Hinrich, Chicago Bulls
2002: Nene Hilario, New York Knicks (traded to Denver Nuggets)
2001: Eddie Griffin, New Jersey Nets (traded to Houston Rockets)
2000: Chris Mihm, Chicago Bulls (traded to Cleveland Cavaliers)
1999: Richard Hamilton, Washington Wizards
1998: Jason Williams, Sacramento Kings
1997: Tim Thomas, Philadelphia 76ers
1996: Lorenzen Wright, Los Angeles Clippers
1995: Damon Stoudamire, Toronto Raptors
1994: Lamond Murray, Los Angeles Clippers
1993: Bobby Hurley, Sacramento Kings
1992: Walt Williams, Sacramento Kings 
1991: Luc Longley, Minnesota Timberwolves

Not too bad a list. For the most part, all these players have proven to be solid contributors in the NBA. Monroe and Curry were viable rookie of the year candidates, At the worst, you get a future NBA journeyman that you can swing into future trades. And hey, it wouldn't be the worst thing to get someone with comparable talents to White Chocolate, no?

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