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Golden State Warriors Head Coach Update: Brian Shaw, Mike Brown on W's Radar

Matt Steinmetz of reported today that the Golden State Warriors are seemingly moving their timetable forward of hiring a new coach due to the high number of head coach vacancies in the NBA right now.

Along with the Warriors, the Lakers, Rockets, and Pacers, have head coaching spots to fill, and there is certainly a possiblity that places like Toronto and Detroit might have openings as well. With so many spots open and only so many people to fill them, the Warriors are trying to get a coach they like before someone else does first.

The W’s have reportedly had or will have meetings with Lakers assistant Brian Shaw, former Cavaliers coach Mike Brown, and current Mavericks assistant Dwayne Casey. They also were looking at big name coaches like Jerry Sloan and Jeff Van Gundy. As to how interested they are in coming back to the sideline is unknown, but those seem more like shots in the dark than actually leads.

Steinmetz points out that Shaw will likely draw the attention of the Pacers as he has a relationship with GM Larry Bird during their playing days in Boston. He also notes that Houston has seemingly chopped their shopping list to just 3 men: Dwayne Casey, former T-Wolves coach Kevin McHale, and current Boston assistant Lawrence Frank.

From Steinmetz:

As you can see, some of the same candidates are in the mix for different positions. In other words, maybe there is a sense of urgency — not just for the Warriors but for any team with a vacancy. Teams might want to identify their man quickly and go after him decisively. After all, if they don’t, some other team probably will.

If the braintrust for Golden State wants to make a big splash, they likely are going to to have swoop in and make a deal that is more appealing to a coach than other teams. It seems that these head coaches in waiting will be hot commodities this summer, ripe for the taking by the highest bidder.