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NBA Draft 2011: Mayor KJ to Represent Kings at Lottery

Kevin Johnson is heading back east.

At tonight's #HereWeRally event in Downtown Sacramento, Kings co-owners Joe and Gavin Maloof invited the mayor to represent the team at next week's NBA draft lottery in Secaucus, New Jersey.  Johnson is a logical choice, considering the hot streak he's currently riding.

Sacramento had all but lost the Kings until the mayor turned the city's fortunes around during his last visit to the Big Apple.  At the NBA's Board of Governors meetings, Johnson's presentation demonstrating Sacramento's corporate viability compelled league owners to extend the relocation filing deadline a second time.  And after an extended visit to the capital city investigating his claims, league representatives recommended the Kings stay in Sacramento for at least one more season.

The Kings are fifth in the draft lottery hierarchy, with a 7.6 percent chance of winning the NBA's top pick.  Arizona forward Derrick Williams and Duke point guard Kyrie Irving are expected to vie for this year's number one overall selection.  The NBA draft lottery takes place next Tuesday, May 17th.