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Basketball Hall of Fame: Chris Mullin Video Collection, Volume Two

With our second installment of the Chris Mullin video collection, I've put together some more goodies from back in the day. Probably my favorite thing about Mullin is that his hair hasn't or ever will changed one iota. If you look at these throw back clips, and then turn on ESPN and see him as an analyst, it's almost as if he hasn't even aged really, and his concrete flattop has been set in stone.  It's crazy. But I digress, on to the videos...

Here's a Nike commercial from 1993 highlighting Mullin's 'gym rat' mentality, his Brooklyn roots, and of course, his haircut.

1993 - Nike - Chris Mullin (via 1987Hawkeyes)

Here's a nice mashup of Mullin highlights set to Earth Wind & Fire's "Shining Star," and any highlight reel set to some funk is OK with me. There's even a few clips from Mullin on the USA Olympic team, which he won gold medals with in 1984 and 1992 as part of the Dream Team. 

Chris Mullin Tribute - GameTime (via DigGameTime)

What a better way to end this volume of the Chris Mullin video collection than with an interview by the late great Lakers broadcaster Chick Hearn in March of 1989. Chick even runs Mullin through a little word association test, just to delve deeper into the thinking process of the latest Warrior to enter the Hall of Fame. 

Chick Hearn with Chris Mullin (03/12/89) (via OldGoldenThroat)


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