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SB Nation's 2011 NBA Mock Draft: Kawhi Leonard to the Kings, Jan Vesley to Warriors

SB Nation's Tom Ziller released his first NBA mock draft today, and made some very interesting picks for the Bay Area in the lottery. The talent field this year isn't exactly the greatest, but there are still lots of skillful youngsters out there to be had from all corners of the globe. It really isn't a shock that Ziller had the Timberwolves take Duke's Kyrie Irving with the number one pick overall, but some of his other selections are a bit, well, interesting. 

First let's start with the Kings and the Warriors. Ziller has the Kings in the fifth spot taking San Diego State's Kwahi Leonard with their first pick, which is a decent choice. But I think Leonard would actually be a better fit with the Warriors as the Kings have guys like Marcus Thornton and DeMarcus Mousins in the SF position that would basically his minutes while the Warriors have Al Thornton, who likely won't return next season. The Warriors need the forward more in my opinion, and Leonard who fit in well in the Bay. 

Ziller had the Warriors picking Czech stand out Jan Vesely with the eleventh overall pick, the 6'11" forward that looks like Andris Biedrins part two. He's skinny, lanky, and looks like he has rocks for hands. Here is Ziller's description of his choice for the W's: 

This is a Don Nelson Memorial pick.  

I'm assuming that to be a joke, which you can make a few with a lot of the Warriors draft picks over the years. I think the Warriors need size and athleticism, and Vesely definitely doesn't seem to have much of the later.