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2011 NBA Draft Lottery: Golden State Warriors Recent Draft History

It’s been a long, long time since the Golden State Warriors have been a truly relevant franchise in the NBA, and they have the draft lottery history to prove it. Since 1985, the Warriors have been a part of the lottery 19 times in 25 years, not exactly something to brag about. But there were a few bright spots in their draft selections in the lottery, while others were better off forgotten. Here’s a condensed version of their pick history; a list of the Warriors first round picks over the past 10 seasons:

2001: Jason Richardson, Michigan State
2002: Mike Dunleavy, Duke
2003: Mickael Pietrus, France
2004: Andris Biedrins, Latvia
2005: Ike Diogu, Arizona State
2006: Patrick O’Bryant, Bradley
2007: Brandon Wright, North Carolina (traded from Charlotte)
Marco Belinelli, Italy
2008: Anthony Randolph, LSU
2009: Stephen Curry, Davidson
2010: Ekpe Udoh, Baylor

The Warriors will hopefully have the wherewithal to make a productive pick this year and stay away from Patrick O’Bryant like situations in 2011.