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2011 NBA Mock Draft, Golden State Warriors: Markieff Morris in the Blue & Yellow?

It's about that time folks; it's NBA Draft time. And with it comes the plethora of predictions, possible picks, draft day trades, and all of the excitement that surrounds the draft itself, I'm almost giddy with the anticipation. We'll be looking at a number of players that could possibly by drafted by the Golden State Warriors, and who will fit in best with the W's. One of the first players that came to mind when thinking of making the Warriors better was Markieff Morris out of Kansas. 

His twin brother Marcus is also incredibly talented, but I chose Markieff because at 6'10" 245 pounds, Markieff is bigger than his brother and is a true power forward. If you look at the Warriors roster you'll notice that they have only one power forward on the team in Ekpe Udoh, although David Lee bounces back between PF an center as well, and the W's could use his size and strength, especially for bench depth at the beginning of his NBA career. The Warriors would still be in need of a seven foot defensive presence around the rim, but with Morris' talent they could try to fill that void via trade or later in the draft.

Here is's take on Markieff:

A strong, explosive, and physical power forward with a readymade NBA frame, Morris has come a long way since his freshman year at Kansas when he shot just 44.8% from the field. Now able to match his athleticism with a number of promising offensive tools, the junior appears to have turned the corner as a prospect.

Morris brings some toughness to the court as well, something that the W's definitely need. He's worked on his pull up jumper, can hit the three ball from time to time. His post play can use some polishing, but that sor of thing can be worked out in time (a la Dwight Howard). 

The Warriors definitely have options (which we will explore) but if they could get their hands on a talent like Markieff, I think it would behoove the Warriors and their success in the future.