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Golden State Warriors News: Monta Ellis Done For Season with Concussion

After a slurry of tests and examinations the Golden State Warriors and their medical staff has found that guard Monta Ellis’ fall last night against the Sacramento Kings has indeed given him a concussion, effectively ending his season, even though it is only two more games.

DeMarcus Cousins fouled Ellis hard last night causing him to hit the floor hard with his skull bouncing off the court. Monta laid there motionless for a few moments and had to be helped off the court by his teammates because he was so dizzy. He spent last night at hospital for observation, but was released earlier today. He will not travel with the team for the W’s game in Denver tonight.

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, here’s a quote from David Lee about Ellis’ episode:

“You could just see in the look in his eyes that he had no idea where he was,” teammate David Lee said. “It’s a scary moment. I’ve been there before, where guys assume you’re fine because you’re getting up but you have no idea where you’re at.”

Hope you can bounce back quickly Monta, Lord knows the Warriors need you.