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Golden State Warriors Wrapup: Warriors in Need of Comforts of Home

After the Warriors latest loss on their 7 game road trip to the Deron William-less New Jersey Nets, there’s nothing more the team needs than a little home cooking. And with the W’s season winding down with 9 road games left on their schedule they’re going to appreciate playing at home even more.

Their woebegone 9-23 record on the road is proof that the Warriors aren’t ready for the big time. But the W’s usually hold it down pretty well at Oracle, and almost always look more confident and comfortable there. A team's success is largely based on how they handle the adversity of a road game, proof that they can bring their game anywhere and still compete. My boy Steph Curry hit the nail on the head after the game:

"We've just got to figure out what winning basketball is night in and night out."

Especially when those nights in and nights out are away from home. Golden State’s longest winning streak of the season came in four home games at the end of January, although they followed that up with four straight losses, and now have three of their next four at home (the road game is the Kings, not too long of a flight). Too bad they have to play the Magic and Mavericks in two of those three home games instead of the Cavaliers and Wizards.

I will be attending the next two home games (Magic on Friday, T’Wolves on Sunday) at Oracle this weekend, and I’m hoping to see some wins. Luckily for me the Warriors are home, so they’ll have a better chance.