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Golden State Warriors Wrapup: 7 Game Road Trip is Warriors' Season in Microcosm

After finishing off the Cleveland Cavaliers 95-85 this evening the Golden State Warriors were happy to get out of Quicken Loans Arena with a win, because in all honesty they almost didn’t. But they did, and now they look to somewhat salvage their road trip by finishing it off with two straight wins, but that is always easier said than done with this team.

This was probably the most important stretch of the Warriors season so far; a lengthy road trip against mediocre teams (except Boston) that could vault the Warriors back into serious contention in the Western Conference. The players knew it, the fans knew it, even other team’s fans knew it. We all know Golden State has some more wins they can pull from their bag of tricks, but how many, and will it be enough?

Here’s what Steph Curry said about the road trip after the game:

“We came in with high hopes and high expectations and we did not start off the trip the way we wanted. To get three [wins], hopefully tomorrow, get the last one and finish the road trip nicely. That is the only thing we can control right now. We have to go into tomorrow with a lot of energy, it is a back-to-back, and play well."

All the promise, followed by all the disappointment. Sound familiar Warriors fans?

Now I didn’t hear Curry say this I simply read it, but to me it seems like a man who knows the sound of the curtain call. There’s only one way and one way only to get to three wins on this trip; beat the Nets tomorrow. And Steph’s talking about coming out with energy in a back-to-back game on the road? I’d like to see that from any NBA team. Steph seems like he knows what's coming, he played in all the games that they had to come from behind to win but usually don’t. Riding out the long season with his summer vacation right on the horizon. This road trip was their season in a nutshell; sure they got some wins, but still aren't quite ready to compete every night.

Let’s face it, any more wins the Warriors get will be won for the sake of pride, not glory. It’s a very somber feeling knowing that your team most likely won’t make the playoffs again, I could only imagine how it feels for a player. And in all seriousness, I want to be wrong. I want the Warriors to go 15-3 the rest of their games and make a playoff appearance, but this is reality, not a made for TV movie.

I’m still going to root for you Warriors and root hard, but I’ll do it with the knowledge that it will probably be all for naught.