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Warriors v. Celtics, NBA Score Update: Celtics Extend Lead on Warriors 64-53 at Haltime

The Boston Celtics made 65.8% of their shots in the first half, leading to a 64-53 lead on the Golden State Warriors at halftime. Newly acquired forward Jeff Green saw some good minutes and got the most out of it, finishing the half with 13 points in 11 minutes. David Lee lead all Warriors with 16.

Monta made some difficult shots going 5-8 from the floor for 13 points although Steph Curry didn’t make a basket in the second quarter, staying stuck on 5 points. Andre Biedrins looked more confident than usual, going 2-3 for 4 points and 2 steals in 8 minutes off the bench, while Dorell Wright had a sweet coast-to-coast dunk, adding 9 points in 15 minutes. As a team the Warriors went 22-42 for 52.4%.

The Warriors (like most of the NBA) were having a hard time keeping up with Ray Allen constantly running off of screens, leading to easy opportunities and 20 points for the NBA’s all time 3 point leader. Rondo was dishing out the assists (as usual) racking up 9 in the first half (the W’s had 9 as a team) along with 4 points. Both teams had 6 turnovers in the half.

The Warriors are going to have to try and shoot themselves back into the game if they don’t want this to turn into a blowout quickly.