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VIDEO: Monta Ellis Back on the Playground Last Night

After a disappointing six-game losing streak the Golden State Warriors have have come back with a vengeance the last couple of games, especially guard Monta Ellis. Monta had an impressive double-double last night scoring 37 points and dishing out 12 against the Washington Wizards, but made his statement during the game in just two plays. When Monta gets into a mindset like he had last night, he has got to be one of the most devastating scorers we have in the NBA. Just take a look for yourself...

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Here's Monta doin' work in the second quarter with a twisting cut to the basket around the Washington Wizards Jordan Crawford. Very, very, saucy. 

Monta Ellis sweet spin move around Jordan Crawford (Mar. 27, 2011) (via thehoopscene)

Now here's Monta in the third quarter last night. This whirling layup was one of Monta's best moves of the year in my opinion. He was getting this bucket no matter who or what decided to get in his way. 

A Monta Ellis reverse 360 layup.... (via KhanzaibWhy)


I absolutely love when Monta goes Derrick Rose all over the place.