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Warriors v. Suns, NBA Score Update: Warriors Getting Owned, Suns Lead 84-65

The Golden State Warriors are getting smacked around the by Phoenix Suns tonight, as the Suns have opened up a gaping 84-65 lead after three quarters. And the best part is? The W’s seem to simply be taking it.

Running isolation after isolation, playing terrible transition defense, settling for bad jump shots, this is what the Warriors think will win them games. I apologize if I being cynical, but this is a joke of a game. The only bright spot has been Dorell Wright, scoring 14 points in the third quarter, Steph Curry has 15, while Monta has 10 on 3-10 shooting. The W’s have committed 19 turnovers, are shooting 41% and have 11 assists on 26 made shots. Not good at all. Guess that what happens when the only thing left to do is count down the games left.

As for the Suns it’s been the Marcin Gortat show with 18 off the bench with 7 boards, Steve Nash and Grant Hill have 15 apiece, and Channing Frye has 10. It really doesn’t look like the Suns will have any trouble finishing the W’s off tonight.