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Golden State Warriors Wrapup: Warriors Show Some Heart at Oracle Last Night

In probably their biggest win of their season so far the Golden State Warriors made an exciting comeback against the Orlando Magic in overtime for a 123-120 win at Oracle Arena. Where did this come from? The team didn’t seem to play with this kind of fire the entire road trip, so what was the big difference?

It was the Golden State fans.

Being at last night’s game was a great experience, I got to see the Warriors set a new franchise record for 3 pointers (21) and an all around exciting game, and while I was there all I could think of is how the W’s look like a different team when they pay at Oracle. The fans were into it the entire game which definitely helped the players retain their focus and want to win this game for us in the stands. Players like Dorell Wright wanted it badly, here’s what he had to say after the game:

“That’s an NBA classic right there for sure. That was a great game and it was great to be a part of that. It was definitely a shootout, both teams wouldn’t give up. We fought all the way, 21 points down. Team showed a lot of pride and heart going out there playing against one of these elite teams in the NBA. That definitely has to be number one in my career.

I’d have to agree with Dorell, it was probably the number one game I’d ever been to at Oracle, and one that makes the fans want to come back to see what the W’s will do next.

The T’Wolves will be in town on Sunday, what kind of encore do the Warriors have in store?