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Warriors v. Pacers, NBA Score Update: Pacers Push Back, Take 80-71 Lead into 4th Quarter

The Indiana Pacers came out of the break strong, outscoring the Golden State Warriors 37-25 in the third quarter while taking a 80-71 lead into the final period.

Stephen Curry started to light it up in the third quarter, draining three 3-pointers, finishing the quarter with 13 points. Dorell Wright made his return at the beginning of the second half but David Lee took a shot in the mouth and had to get some treatment for it in the locker room. Lee is getting a lot of shots but is missing far too many of them right in front of the basket; he should have at least 6 more points than his 13 that he has so far. Monta Ellis has 9 points and 4 assists.

Danny Granger continues to have a solid game scoring 17, while Roy Hibbert has 12 with 3 big blocks. The Pacers have taken 10 more free throws than the Warriors and are +11 in points form the line, which is basically the main factor to the Pacers lead. The Warriors also have 10 turnovers leading to 22 Indiana points.

The W’s are going to have to play more efficiently in the forth quarter if they are going to leave Indianapolis with a win.