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Jeremy Lin: Favorite Bay Area Eateries and Other Favorites

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We've known for a while that Jeremy Lin is a foodie. And growing up or living in the San Francisco Bay Area, how could you not with all the great cuisine at just about at every turn (I really mean that). Well, if you want to eat like an NBA player or possibly bump into Jeremy Lin during the off-season to get an autograph, talk hoops, or maybe get some more food recommendations, there's a short list of places that Lin absolutely must go to. If you're salivating now at the possibilities of seeing Lin or going to his favorite landmarks, wait till you see the actual food!

The Montgomery Sports Group, Jeremy Lin's management agency, created a short list of Lin's favorite places to stuff his face in the Bay Area, which is part of their website's promotion of their clients including the Toronto Raptors Sonny Weems and the Atlanta Hawks Maurice Evans. Lin's taste run the gamut. He's not only has cosmopolitan tastes, but he's a savory and sweet kind of guy.  You can catch him eating around Silicon Valley, specifically, at Palace Korean BBQ in Sunnyvale or Hon Sushi in Mountain View. He'll probably finish off his meal at Peninsula Creamery for some Ice Cream or Froyo. Got to have balance, right?

Based off reviews, all 1066 people seem to agree that Palace Korean is the place to stuff your face. Hon Sushi's rather pedestrian 3 star rating with only 117 reviews should be warning. But perhaps there is something in particular that Lin could totally recommend? C'mon Lin, sushi lovers want to know!

Anyway, food aside, Lin also posted a video from his personal website, which shows him sitting with a Taiwan Summer League Champions (it's unclear what they're champions of). But the crowd of what look to be high schoolers, all rocking Jeremy Lin #7 shirts, sit around as Lin answers some questions. One particular question that stands out is what his favorite shoe is, which Lin responds: Air Force 1s. But, shoe heads want to know, is there a particular colorway?

Jeremy Lin Interview with Taiwan Summer League Champions (via TheJlin7)