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VIDEO: Stephen Curry With A LONG Reverse Alley-Oop To Dorell Wright

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors definitely learned to shoot from his father Dell. But his passing seems to be his own specialty. Dell averaged 1.8 assists per game in his career and 2.9 assists per 36 minutes; Stephen averages 5.9 assists per game and 6.0 assists per 36 minutes.

Curry provided his own impressive point guard abilities on Thursday night against the Milwaukee Bucks. After a Milwaukee turnover, small forward Dorell Wright began leaking out to the Warriors side of the court and began spying Curry on the other side. Curry received the ball, dribbled it up the court, made eye contact with Wright, and made a chest-high pass at least sixty to seventy feet toward the leaping wing man.

Curry's long distance alley oop for reverse slam (via NBA)

What makes the play all the more impressive is how Wright is able to receive the pass and know where exactly he is in his proximity to the rim, despite watching Curry the entire time. That’s some serious coordination and trust between the two Warriors youngsters.