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Stephen Curry Inspired By His Dad Dell, Making Fullcourt Shots

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Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry can shoot. No doubt about it. He learned about it from his dad, Dell. Dell was a great bench player who came out and provided instant offense. He was particularly proficient for the Charlotte Hornets, where he was a constant Sixth Man candidate (winning it once in 1994), averaging 11 points per game for his career and an incredibly efficient 40% from three point land.

Stephen’s current career averages with the Warriors? 18 points per game, 43% from three point land. Safe to say he’s learning a lot from watching his dad.

I wonder how much it helped him with making this incredible fullcourt shot in practice.

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It makes sense that the NBA would incorporate him into their “Where Amazing Happens” marketing campaign, which showcases a young Stephen shooting with his dad before one of his father’s games, and a young Warriors fan coming back from the future to tell him about the future.