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Golden State Warriors Scores: Hawks Take Anger Out on Warriors, Win 95-79

Golden State Warriors’ head coach Keith Smart waved the white flag to the Atlanta Hawks early in the forth quarter, putting in a team consisting of all bench players with about 10 minutes left as the Hawks eventually roll to a 95-79 win at Oracle Arena.

It was one of those nights for the Warriors, who can hopefully wipe this game from memory as quickly as possible before they head out on a 7 game round trip, starting with a meeting with the Minnesota Timberwovles on Sunday. With the loss the Warriors move to 26-31 on the year, 5.5 games out of the 8th and final playoff spot in the Western Conference.

The W’s are going to have to figure some things out before the head off on the road, especially the staggering number of turnovers, poor transition defense, and lack of rebounds. If they keep playing at this kind of level they are going to be out of contention for the playoffs very, very, soon. Full box score can be found here.